Product Hilights
Propulsion Control System

The Propulsion Control System (PCS) fully automates remote control from the bridge of the Electric Propulsion Motors. In case of parallel hybrid applications, the combustion propulsion engine is controlled as well and automatic change over from electric propulsion motor (low power) to combustion propulsion engine (high power) is fully supported. The PCS provides steering functions as well with the application of Electric Steerable POD. PCS operator modes are adapted for every application.

Evac OnlineVac

The Evac OnlineVac is a durable, low-maintenance online vacuum generation unit that macerates sewage and generates the vacuum required for the discharge process. Particularly suitable for vessels with medium crew capacities, it features extra-strong bearings, heavy-duty mechanical seals, and an electric motor with an IEC flange connection. The vacuum is generated and sewage pumped by means of a special liquid-ring screw pump, manufactured – along with the pump casings – from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Evac OnlineVac units can be customized according to your specific water treatment needs, and are available in two different capacities (V16 and V26) and as a retrofit version. Our Evac OnlineVac 32 and Evac Online 52 systems comprise two V16 pumps and two V26 pumps respectively. The Evac OnlineVac 32M is a standardized shock tested vacuum generation unit designed specifically for military vessels.

News Update
Praxis Automation Awarded Major Contract By Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services To Equip Entire Fleet With Dynamic Positioning Systems

Praxis Automation, a global leader in ship Automation, electrical propulsion and dynamic positioning systems, announced that it has been awarded a long-term collaborative contract by Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Service (RVOS), a Saudi world class support service provider to the offshore industry. RVOS is one of the offshore service companies of Rawabi Energy company.

Under this RVOS fleet-wide contract, new build and existing offshore support vessels will be equipped with Praxis dynamic positioning systems, as well as customised equipment and software for digitization of the fleet in phases agreed with RVOS. This collaboration marks a pivot point in advancing maritime technology and safety in the gulf region.

In total Praxis Automation will supply 59 shipsets of Praxis DP-2 systems under this contract, facilitating a remarkable transformation of RVOS's fleet capabilities. This comprehensive project encompasses the conversion of 39 vessels with existing DP systems to Praxis DP-2 System, including the supply to 20 newbuild vessels ordered by RVOS from other regions in the world.